Vote For Andy Bateman November 7, 2017


Paid for by Andy Bateman for Loveland City Council


The first thing is to listen to residents.  People who live here know what they like about Loveland and what needs to be changed.  I want to learn as much as I can about the concerns of every resident.  As a city council member, I will listen to all concerns and my doors will always be open – whether it be a small property concern or ideas about building a new bridge.  I welcome all ideas.  My goal is to work with all members of the council and end the current gridlock.  I prefer to shine a spotlight on the actions of the city manager who works on behalf of the residents and at the behest of council, and the services offered by police, fire and public works departments.

Finally, I would like to add that I am pleased to see the increase of resident engagement in the government process during the past two years, and I hope it will continue beyond the campaign and focus on moving Loveland in a positive direction. Anyone interested in learning more about my campaign can contact me at  I look forward to these next few months as a great opportunity for all of us.